The versatile AmbuPod

A mobile Covid19 surveillance clinic with its own ambulance. Quickly setup anywhere*, on demand!


We are a team of experts and senior professionals in the fields of medicine and IT supported by partners in design, engineering and Business Development.


The AmbuPod is a patent (pending)  vehicle that is a mobile clinic, telemedicine node and a BLS/ALS ambulance. The AmbuPod is now also electric


The high quality, low cost healthcare model. We support OPD based primary, preventive, palliative,  promotive and emergency services in villages.


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the AmbuPod

Resolving A Vital Need

The Problem - Now for Covid19 Surveillance too!

Life has been and continues to be, extremely tough for the rural poor. Healthcare outreach is grossly inadequate. Clinics are far away from most villages (especially smaller ones), ill-equipped and many times not even manned by authorised professionals. . Further, in case one needs to call for an ambulance, it is either unavailable or reaches after a long delay. To top that all, the ambulance may be ill equipped and/or  too large to drive through narrow village tracks. Now with the Covid19 threat looming large, all of this could lead to mass infection and spread.  The AmbuPod Surveillance system is the lowcost, quickly adaptable mechanism to prevent, monitor, treat or transfer Covid19 cases quickly and safely. Read more here.



We have a different kind of problem in crowded cities. There are cases of patients who deteriorate or even die in ambulances because of being stuck for hours in traffic jams.


The Challenge

The requirements were a huge challenge .... how do we provide quality based, OPD services, on a daily basis, within walking distance of every villager's home? Furthermore, in case of need, how do we provide fully operational, 24/7 ambulance services that reach the patient within 15 minutes of being called?!  How do we run this with limited funds and yet keep the services affordable? And lastly, how do we  make this system scalable, nation wide? 

In today's world, there is no way to resolve this challenge, especially with financial restraints.

The only way to resolve this was  an out-of-the-box thinking. Four years of hard work led to a solution.


The Solution

 THE solution is here - The patent (pending) AmbuPod. A mobile clinic, telemedicine node and micro-ambulance (for a full-size patient, yet smaller than a mini-ambulance) Click here for details . Why is it good for every stake holder? How is it good for you? Stakeholders, click here. Help spread the word and save lives. Here is a short presentation and a video presentation.


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AmbuPod gallery

Our AmbuPod Version 1 was a hit in every city

GES 2017, Hyderabad :: Yashda, Pune :: Auto Expo 2017, Pune, :: India Medical Device, Bengaluru :: Amrita Pitch Fest 2017 :: AmbuPod TV Clip

The Electric AmbuPod V2 is now making waves and the Powerful diesel AMBUPOD V3 is now available on firm order

To view more pictures and videos click here...

Our Latest electric powered eco-friendly AmbuPod. Provide 24/7 care in villages

The electric AmbuPod is a clinic, an ambulance and a telemedicine node!

Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji view the AmbuPod

The electric AmbuPod in action (clicking above will take you to You Tube)

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