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Life has been and continues to be extremely tough for the rural poor. Healthcare outreach is grossly inadequate. Further, in case one needs to call for an ambulance, it is either unavailable or reaches after a long delay. On top if it the ambulance may be ill equipped and  too large to drive through narrow village tracks. All of this could lead to deterioration in the patient's condition  or even death. We have a different kind of problem in crowded cities. There are cases of patients who deteriorate or even die in ambulances because of being stuck for hours in traffic jams. Fortunately, we now have THE answer - The patient (applied) AmbuPod.  Click here for details or view  this short Infographic. Why is it good for every stake holder? How is it good for you? Stakeholders, click here. Help spread the word and save a life, maybe many. A short presentation. A video presentation

A winning proposition for every stakeholder

Designed by a doctor, our focus was to make it a winning proposition for every stakeholder. The AmbuPod TV clip


Understanding the Concept  

The AmbuPod  is unique and resolves multiple issues of cost, maintenance, reach and resuscitative capabilities. News article here.


Awesome Features

The AmbuPod

1.     Based on the observation that in almost 95% of cases, an ambulance carries only a single patient,  the "AmbuPod" is a single patient,  all weather (Rain, snow, sand, heat, cold) , carrier that has the capability to carry emergency medical devices, drugs and monitors.

2.       It also seats a medical attendant with the patient in a way that he can provide resuscitative care while the vehicle  is static or  in motion.

3.     The "AmbuPod" is Zero polluting.

4.      The mobile based Software applications (optional) in the ambulance would permit sharing of the patient’s vitals with the hospital doctor (incl ECG), even during transit (connectivity required).

5.      All the  medical instruments  on the super light weight "AmbuPod", can be  powered by human or solar power.  It has a ZERO carbon footprint.

6.       It is small enough to climb hills, mountains  and  move  through narrow village tracks or slum paths of width as less as 3 feet.

7.       It can be moved from the road, right into a hospital emergency room or OT, aircraft, ship or vehicle  without discontinuing or pausing resuscitative measures.

8.       Local villagers can be taught how to use  it's devices  to communicate with the remote doctor, even in the absence of a medical attendant.

Learn how you can book an AmbuPod for your village/locality. Call Dr. Lavanian at 9970921266 or email or 

Our Focus

To ensure availability of Dr. Lavanian's  'AmbuPod' in  every Indian village and PHC of every state of India.

An AmbuPod in every hospital in every City of India.

Our "AmbuPod" could help in saving thousands of lives by quick and efficient transport to hospitals, if possible, within the golden hour.

Talk to your local hospital or corporator to get an AmbuPod today! It may help save a life, even your own!

User friendly HiTech

The "AmbuPod" is equipped with state-of-the-art software and telemedicine products that allow the medical attendant to transmit the patient's vital parameters to the doctor/hospital while in-transit wherever connectivity is available.

Medical monitoring and resuscitative devices included

The AmbuPod includes all medical monitoring and resuscitative devices required to sustain the patient during transit.

100% "Make in India"

100% made in India
We are proud to state that the "AmbuPod" is 100% conceived, planned and designed in India. It will also be tested, certified and manufactured in India,  by Indians, for India....and the world.

All-terrain and all-weather

The AmbuPod can be easily modified to work in different environments like jungles, mountains, plains, etc. in  humid, hot, cold, snowy, freezing or rainy conditions.

Integration ready

It has capabilities of integrating additional medical or technology devices as they appear in the market.

Cost effective

Low cost of acquisition and maintenance

It has Zero fuel cost, Hardly any maintenance and will cost as less as a small Car! Even a dedicated driver is not required.
Any village, even a small one, could easily buy one.

Learn how you can book an AmbuPod for your village/locality. Call Dr. Lavanian at 9970921266 or email or 


Presenting some pictures of our Patented Ambulance, a concept that will create a revolution not just in India but all over the world. A concept that will save innumerable lives due to its revolutionary design.
Click here for detailed pictures.

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Learn how you can book an AmbuPod for your village/locality. Call Dr. Lavanian at 9970921266 or email or 


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