AmbuPod: Services

The AmbuPod can serve three roles


  1. As a basic 1 patient (+ 2 attendants) carrying ambulance

  2. As an advanced Ambulance (1 patient + 2 medical attendant) with life-saving devices and testing (diagnostic equipment) equipment

  3. As a primary and preventive clinic that can cover a number of nearby villages to provide

      (a) Daily (6 days a week) OPD services ( rural health care, rural health) (powered by solar energy)

     (b) The AmbuPod as a rural health clinic/ family health center, provides support for family medicine (by improving health ensures increased man-days availability thereby ensuring rural development)

      (c) 24/7 ambulance services.



The advantages of the AmbuPod

 1. It is a 3 in 1 (Ambulance + Mobile Clinic + Telemedicine clinic)

 2. Each AmbuPod can provide daily OPD services and 24/7 ambulance services to a cluster of 4 or more villages

 3. All the equipment in it is solar powered, thereby eco-friendly and not dependent on a power grid.

 4. No dedicated and expensive large ambulance driver required (saving on monthly pay)

 5. Fuel consumption is  zero (Daily savings on running costs)

6. Powered by an electric motor

 7. It's maintenance and running costs are 1/5th to 1/10th of that of a large ambulance and so the TCO (total cost of ownership) is very low. (Most large ambulance owners have issues due to high costs of running and maintenance)


Key Services*:

 1. 24/7 ambulance services

 2. 24/7 ambulance services with basic Life Support

 3. 24/7 ambulance services with Advanced Life Support

 4. Six days a week daily OPD services* through telemedicine*


  *Conditions apply


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AmbuPod gallery

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The Electric AmbuPod viewed from the left side

The Electric AmbuPod viewed from the right side

The AmbuPod V1 being viewed by the Hon Prime Minister and Ms Ivanka Trump

Excited crowds viewing the first version, AmbuPod V1 at the Auto Expo 2017

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