The electric powered AmbuPod V2 viewed from the left side

The electric AmbuPod V2 viewed from the right side

The AmbuPod Version 1, powered by a motorcycle (Viewed by our honourable Prime Minister and Ms Ivanka Trump).

Excited crowds viewing the AmbuPod V1 at the Auto Expo 2017

The Patent side with open canopy. Note the full size, light weight, foldable stretcher

Equippedfor a BLS and ASL ambulance with oxygen and foot operated suction machine

Equipment including BP, stethoscope, torch, measuring tape, autoscope , etc

Credit card size 12 lead ECG machine with display on tablet

Foetal Doppler for ante-natal check to check the heart sounds/rate of the foetus

Tablet based (android) Telemedicine consulting App linked to back end consultancy services

Different medical instruments needed for OPD and Ambulance services in the AmbuPod

The AmbuPod is also solar powered to power the medical instruments, lights and fans.

Video - eAmbuPod

Our latest electric AmbuPod, 100% eco-friendly